Part A. Definitions

1. Administrator - administrators of personal data are two natural persons, i.e. Mateusz Czyżewski and Tomasz Iwaszek, who created the Service thanks to their passion and love for Polish nature and tourism.

2. Rules - this document which is available at

3. Website - website owned by the Administrator.

4. Application - iOS mobile application which is owned by the Administrator.

5. Service - this is the Application, the Website and all related materials.

6. User - natural person or company registered and logged in the Website, and using the Website, as described in more detail in Part B of these Rules.

7. Guest - company or natural person who has not been registered or logged in and who uses the Application or the Website

8. User's Account - account created in the Website after registration described in Part B of these Rules

9. Bookmark - screen or place in the Website or Application

10. Material - information (business card) about the tourist attraction/site, an article, information about the event, User profile cards (information about tourist guides, photographic portfolio), User evaluation and commentary, related to the previously mentioned: photographs, photos, graphics, video materials, software and other elements protected by law.

Part B. Service - general information

1. The purpose of the Service is to present all Materials with travel content and to promote Polish tourism.

2. The Service is provided in Polish, English and German.

3. Registration in the Website is free of charge.

4. If the User is underage, i.e. the person is below 18 years old, the declaration about acceptance of these Rules, the declarations about familiarizing with the privacy policy or other declarations which may be placed at the Service shall be made by the parent or legal guardian of the user. In case of minor users who are more than 13 years of age, declarations made by such minors must be confirmed by their parents (legal guardians).

5. Registration to the Website by a minor person who is below 13 years of age should be made by the parent (legal guardian), and registration by a person who is more than 13 years old but below 18 should be confirmed by the parent (legal guardian). Personal details provided during registration must be confirmed by activating a link sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the registering person. Such confirmation is not required in case of registering through

6. Registration to the Website means that you agree with these Rules.

7. The agreement for provision of services by electronic means is concluded at the moment of registration. The agreement for provision of services by electronic means is terminated by removing the User's Account in a manner described in Part B Points 9-10 of these Rules.

8. Logging in the Website is made by entering the e-mail address and the password used during registration or through

9. The Administrator reserves the right to remove, without warning, the User's Account whose owner has infringed provisions of these Rules.

10. The User may delete his User Account by clicking the "Delete Account" button in the Settings tab. Then he must confirm the action by clicking the link in the message received on the email account associated with the User Account. The administrator undertakes to delete all related data from the account within 14 days of receiving the above request.

11. The use of the Service is free, with the proviso that the Administrator and third parties may also provide paid services on the Service, which will be appropriately marked.

Part C. Website - Adding materials

1. All Materials presented on the Service are the property of the Administrator or specific Service Users and are subject to legal protection.

2. Any User may add Material to the Website.

3. All Materials sent by Users are scrupulously checked for legality, however, due to the specific nature of the Internet platform, the Administrators are not responsible for Materials published by Users.

4. Adding Materials is done only electronically, through the Website.

5. At the moment of receiving a Material, the Administrator obtains and the User grants a non-exclusive licence authorizing the Administrator to exercise free of charge financial copyrights to the Material in the following fields of exploitation:
a). using and publishing it on webpages, forums, websites, in mobile applications of the Administrator and other places it is responsible for as well as on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc,
b). publishing it in promotional materials connected with the Service and in publications,
c). using it for promotional and marketing purposes of the Administrator: including but not limited to: recording, modifying and copying Material using any techniques, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording, digital and audiovisual techniques, on any carriers and without any limits about the number of quantity of copies, and disseminating it through making available to the public in such a manner that everyone could have an access to it in a chosen place and time, especially in computer networks, the Internet, Intranet and mobile telephones,
d). the User authorizes the Administrator to decide about marking, how to mark or not to mark the above materials.

6. By adding the Material, the User declares that:
a). the User is the author of the work,
b). the Material does not infringe or threaten to infringe any rights of third parties, especially it does not infringe their financial or personal copyrights, and that the person entering such Material was granted consents from persons whose images have been recorded on the Materials and authorizations to give the consent to use such images as described in Point 5 in this Chapter,
c). if a third person makes claims due to infringement of the above-mentioned rights, the person adding the Material will compensate for any costs incurred by the Administrator in connection with such claims for damages made against it as the only responsible person and will indemnify the Administrator from any obligations which may arise therefrom,
d). the User accepts these Rules.

7. The User declares that he or she will repair the damage incurred by the Administrator if any of the above-mentioned declarations turn out to be untrue.

8. The Administrator is not responsible for any problems of adding materials. The Administrator will inform the User about the proper transfer of materials in a Website message.

9. The Administrator reserves the right to remove Materials or texts with contents which are generally deemed as offensive, which infringe rights of third parties or applicable provisions of law, which have pornographic contents or which obviously harm religious feelings.

10. Most of the major photos of tourist attractions with signed authorship have been released under a Creative Commons license.

Part D. Website - accommodation and room booking management system

1. The system for managing the booking of accommodation and rooms on the Website is a free platform that allows Users to present their offers, manage facilities and bookings, and enable other Users to rent selected accommodation or rooms in an automated way.

2. Financial settlements between the parties take place outside the system (Service) - it is the owner of the offer (User) who determines the way of payment and no commission is charged for the reservation.

3. The Administrator does not charge any commission on the rented objects, the use of the system is fully free of charge.

Part E. Privacy policy

1. The Administrator ensures that the overriding aim is to ensure that the Users/Guests of the Website protect their privacy at a level at least corresponding to the standards set out in the applicable legal regulations, in particular in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means and the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection.

2. The Website uses cookies to store information such as the User's / Guest's personal settings when visiting the Website. They are also the basis for logging in to the Website.

3. The User/Guest may deactivate or completely disable cookies on the Website or Website advertisers' pages in the options of their web browser or by selecting the appropriate option in firewall programs. Disabling cookies will, however, prevent you from making full use of the Websites option. It will not be possible, inter alia, to log into the User Account.

4. The Service displays advertisements from external services to cover the costs associated with maintaining the Service. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies or web beacons, which at the time of displaying their ads on the Service will send to advertisers information containing the User's/Guest's IP address, Internet provider, type of browser used and in some cases information about installation Flash add-in. This is generally used to display advertisements to users from their area or to select advertisements based on the pages they have visited previously.

5. The Internet connection in the Application is used for downloading new Materials placed in Service.

6. The Application has access to the location of the device based on the GPS signal and the network. This information is used for GPS navigation of routes and tourist attractions included in the mobile application (defining the current position on the map, refreshing the current position during the tour mode).

7. The Application may send push notifications (information about visited tourist attractions) to the Guest, who may deactivate the option in the System settings of the Application.

8. By using the Application, the Guest agrees that following information: device marketing data, advertisement preferences including IDFA (Identifier for Advertising), geolocation and Application activity data (advertisement clicks, frequency of viewing particular screen in Application), can be processed by Application and transferred to other companies such as AdMob, InMobi, Fabric and Firebase in order to optimise the process of displaying ads and preventing display of ads inappropriate for the user. The data mentioned above can also be used to monitor user behaviour in Application in order to provide a better quality of Service.

9. The Application does not collect, send or transfer any data to third parties (except for point 8), it only communicates with the Service API for Material management.

10. By registering in the Website, the User agrees that his or her personal information be processed within the scope and for the purpose which are necessary for the proper performance of services provided through the Service. Such consent is voluntary; however, it is necessary to use the functionality of the Website. The administrator of personal information of the users is the Administrator. Persons who hold such information have the right to access such information and to correct it (on the Website in the Settings tab). Personal information of the Users shall be processed according to provisions concerning personal information protection, especially the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal information protection (consolidated text: J. L. 2016.922 of 2016.06.28), hereinafter referred to as the Act on Personal Information Protection, within the scope and for marketing purposes which are necessary for presenting, adding individual Materials, using the accommodation and room reservation management system and as is necessary to exercise rights arising from the licence granted by the User to the Administrator. Within the scope and for the purpose which are necessary for the presentation, promotion and advertising of the Service, personal information of the Users may be made available to third parties (in publications, on webpages, forums, websites and in mobile applications of the Administrator and other places which Administrator is responsible for as well as on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

11. Pursuant to Article 23(1)(4 and 5) of the Act of Personal Information Protection, the User is entitled to make a reasonable written request to the Administrator for ceasing to process the personal information due to a special situation, and to make an objection to the manner and scope of processing the personal information in cases mentioned in Article 23(1)(4 and 5) of the above-mentioned Act, if the administrator of the personal information intends to process such information for marketing purposes or has provided the personal information to another administrator.

12. The User's personal data will be processed until he has a User Account on the Website. The User Account can be deleted via the Website in the Settings tab.

13. The User can get backup of his or her personal information or may transfer his or her personal information to another administrator (then it is necessary to provide detailed contact details of the administrator) by requesting the Administrator for that by e-mail The Administrator undertakes to send data in PDF format within 14 days of receiving such request.

14. The weather is from

15. For security purposes, the User should not provide third parties with identification data (User Name and Password).

16. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of other pages that are connected to the Service by means of links.

Part F. Final Provisions

1. As permitted by the provisions of the Polish law, the Administrator has the right to change the provisions of these Rules to facilitate the operation of the Service. Such changes may not deprive the Users of their rights and obligations acquired before changing these Rules. Such changes will be made in forms of annexes to these Rules and marked with subsequent numbers and dates.

2. The Users will be inform of cancellation or changes of principles included in these Rules via their Accounts in the Website and by e-mail 10 days before such change.

3. Any questions and problems concerning the operation of the Service should be directed to the Administrator to the e-mail address:

4. These Rules enter into force on the day the Service starts operating and are valid until its operation ends.

5. Applicable provisions of the Polish law apply in matters which have not been regulated in these Rules.

6. These Rules will apply accordingly in conducting any complaints proceedings.

7. Letters of complaints may be filed by e-mail to the address:

8. The letter of complaint should contain details of the person filing the complaint, reasons for the complaint and the request for a specific action of the Administrator.

9. The Administrator will deal with the complaint within 30 days of receiving it and will inform the User by e-mail about how it will be dealt with.

10. The Administrator is not responsible for failure to receive or delayed receipt of the letter of complaint from the User due to reasons which are independent of the Administrator.

11. There may be some breaks in Service operation when the Users will not be able to use the Service temporarily due to carrying out, inter alia, its maintenance, changes or improvements. If possible, the Administrator will inform the Users about any technical breaks and their periods by available means, especially messages on the Website and in the Application.

12. Accepting these rules each User agrees that he or she be sent, inter alia, e-mails, information, newsletters and correspondence concerning his or her User's Account and Service.