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Polish castle in the final episode of The Witcher!


Ogrodzieniec Castle If you've watched the first season of the The Witcher series filmed by Netflix, the castle from the final 8 episode certainly did not escape your attention. This beautiful object is Ogrodzieniec Castle located on Janowski Mountain in the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura. If you haven't had a chance to visit it yet, do so as soon as possible!

Exhibition 'Monsters from the Deep' in Oceanica


From September 4, a new exhibition hall with 'Monsters from the Deep' begins in Oceanica. A dozen or so realistic mockups of strange creatures from the deep ocean, which can only be seen at the exhibition in Oceanica. Oceanika in the Świętokrzyska Polana Complex (Chrusty near Zagnańsk) has opened another room for visitors, with a dozen or so mock-ups of realistically recreated animals living in the deep sea. Every day inaccessible to human eyes, due to living in hard-to-reach areas and great...

Closed reservoir in Wilcza Wola


A statement issued by the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Kolbuszowa informs that the bathing area was closed due to mass algae blooms. Water is not suitable for bathing due to the possibility of negative health effects. Podkarpackie State Voivodship Sanitary Inspector informs that in the summer season 2017 in Podkarpackie voivodship listed bathing places were opened - Communication No. 9 PPWIS about bathing areas and places used for bathing in Podkarpackie voivodeship (download...

Rzeszów is not wasting. Opening the first foodsharing fridge


Have you cooked too much food? Do not throw! On Saturday, August 5, the first foodsharing refrigerator in Rzeszów was opened. This is an unusual initiative that is organized jointly by PUB Kultura and the Zompne Dobro association. - In short, it's about sharing food. Eurostat research shows that 9 million tons of food is thrown away annually in Poland. We want to change it! This will be served by the fridge, which will stand in Pub Kultura. Everyone can bring and put food into it, which for...

Turystyczna mapa Polski

Beautiful Poland


Appreciate with us the beauty of our homeland, explore, wander, discover the most beautiful corners of Poland.


Poland has to offer tourists a place with a unique historical background, boasting world-class architecture, containing valuable works of art, as well as strongly associated with the folk spiritual culture of the region. We have a multitude of objects from the UNESCO World Heritage list, areas under strict nature protection such as national parks, landscape parks, nature reserves.


Polish conditions provide all types of tourism depending on your preferences: leisure, spa and agrotourism. All provinces without exception abound in a number of interesting attractions, and each region is worth visiting. Taking you on a journey through Poland, we would like to present monuments that store traces of historical events, documenting evidence of human talents, underground cities, unfinished palaces, wooden temples, and help appreciate the virtues of nature.

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