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The LINIAPROSTA campaign lasts until the end of March 2017

03.23.2017 #LINIAPROSTA - TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR HAND AND GIVE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR AN INDEPENDENT LIFE! A single, straight and palm-crossed line is one of the distinguishing features of a person with Down syndrome. On March 21. on World Down Syndrome Day of the More Beloved Association and Lifetime TV they encourage you to join the charity and take a picture of your crossed out hand. The date is not accidental - Down syndrome consists in the fact that in the 21st pair of chromosomes people with Down syndrome instead of two have three chromosomes. For every photo (in public or shared) marked with the hashtag #LiniaProsta on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, Lifetime TV will give 5 zlotys to the Association More Beloved for the project "Protected flat" helping to get independent from people with Down syndrome. The #LiniaProsta action will last until the end of March 2017. We collect 40,000.